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Production Services Asia is a multi-national, international Film Production Services Coordinator company based in Thailand, with a state-of-the-art Production Agency and Post-Production Suite, Evolved Cinema LLC in the United States, and offices in Indonesia, and Germany.


We are a team of international and skilled Producers, Directors, Cinematographers and other industry specialists such as Casting Directors, Modeling Agency, Stunt Riggers and Action Directors, Sound Teams, Underwater Filming Experts and have been collectively doing Feature Films, Television Series, TV Commercials, Documentaries, Music Videos and Video productions of all kinds including Viral Videos, Corporate Videos, Digital Web/Online Content for decades.

We are a young, eager, friendly, professional, and budget-friendly, award-winning team, able to converse in multiple languages and undertake projects of small, large, and international scales. Do send us an inquiry at, a script to quote for, or a project to pitch for. It will be our honor and pleasure to be of service, anywhere in the world!  亚洲电影生产服务



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Degree Rigging is a Stunts, Action and Rigging team based in Thailand. We provide safe and efficient rigging equipment, vehicles, accessories and systems for Film, Television and Commercial shoots. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the field of Action and Stunt Filming and have worked on many major Hollywood and international scenes.

Our equipment includes a wide variety of camera rigs, stunt rigs, stunt pyrotechnics, stunt mechanics, animatronics, stunt safety specialists as well as rain machine system, helicopter rigs, slings, flying cameras, explosion, weapon effects and so much more. We also do our in-house Stunt Coordination, Action Direction, along with special effects makeup, blood makeup, art team and so on.


As part of Production Services Asia we also manage, producer, line produce and coordinate film production services. From managing permits, locations, equipment rental, casting, art, costume, hair, makeup, accommodation, logistics and transport, we are a multinational team of industry experts providing a friendly and professional service and at all budget points.