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The One's Action Team is a Stunts, Action and Rigging company based in Thailand and among one of the top action choreographers in Thailand and Asia. Managed by Pradit Seeleum (IMDB). The One's Action provides safe and efficient rigging equipment, vehicles, accessories and systems for Film, Television and Commercial shoots. Our team has over 20 years of experience in the field of Action and Stunt Filming and have worked on many major Hollywood and international projects, as well as commercials, television shows, stage productions, events and special projects.

Credits: as The One's Action Team, includes Bloodsport, The Mark, The Lost Medallion, Shutter, Freefire, Anamoly and various others.

Our equipment includes a wide variety of camera rigs, stunt rigs, stunt pyrotechnics, stunt mechanics, animatronics, stunt safety specialists as well as rain machine system, helicopter rigs, slings, flying cameras, explosion, weapon effects and so much more. We also do our in-house Stunt Coordination, Action Direction, along with special effects makeup, blood makeup, art team and so on.

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