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Lifeworks™ TV

Lifeworks™ TV is a lifestyle, health, cooking, travel, humor, pets and entertainment channel for all things happening in Thailand. It is basically documents various aspects of Life in Thailand. Sometimes we just leave home without any plan, but come back with some really entertaining and memorable video stories. At other times we're just in between paid jobs and clients (the curse of the self-employed filmmaker), and have nothing else to do but create videos to share with our friends. So it all ends up on this channel.


This channel is produced and operated by Production Services Asia (, which is actually the production service company we run. Meaning to say, its ours, we pay for the shoot ourselves, use the equipment we have in the company, and its just an excuse to promote our company, so that we get more jobs. More or less.


We = Roy B David and myself, Manik Sethisuwan. Roy's a producer/DOP (director of photography/cinematographer), and I'm a producer/line producer. But there are also others in our team. They'll don't know yet that we're starting this channel. But they'll know soon. I'll invite them to make videos too, then it will no longer be a Thailand based channel only, it will be American, German and anywhere they end up.




Also we're making cooking shows and other shows. Therefore this Lifeworks™ TV channel will also be hosting


  1. The Life Foods Network


    Health foods and groceries store. Health foods cooking guides and recipes videos. Health and healthy living tips. Stories about healthy lifestyle. Shows and interview with special guests. 


  2. Boom's Apocalyptic Kitchen


    A cooking show feature Boom, who is a Thai chef. Who makes crispy pork, who runs Boom's Belly (which sells the crispy pork). He is also a drummer.


  3. Thailand Travels


    Just some travel and holiday, sight-seeing shows. Mainly an excuse for my wife and myself, and friends, to travel and get to shoot videos. Tell funny stories and post here.


  4. Thailand Entertainment Stuff


    We love Bua Khaw. He's a multiple-world champion boxer. He's Godly famous. And he's a good friend. So we like to make videos and post about him. Also. Roy is a professional comedian (who doesn't earn money from comedy), which is sort of what a professional comedian is? He has lot of comedian friends. Who are famous in Thailand. So we make videos and post here.


  5. Pets


    Mostly my dogs and cats. Because.. I love them. And I'm a slave.



So that's about it. I hope YouTube doesn't accidentally delete this channel.  I hope you enjoy videos here and please do subscribe!



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