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Fight COVID-19 Like Thailand

Thailand was the 1st country outside of China to be struck by the COVID-19 Coronavirus earlier this year. Yet, almost 6 months later with cases around the world in excess of 100,000+ in various countries, and almost 3,000,000+ in the US alone, Thailand's numbers stand at 3,217 total infected cases, and 58 deaths.

So what has Thailand (and the Thais) done correctly? Well - almost everything possible. As a society they practiced extreme discipline and followed guidelines set by Health Experts and came together as a community to fight the infection. Shops, businesses, corporations, everyone did their part where possible.

Here are some pictures from my trip to the supermarket and the hospital today, see for yourself the seriousness in which they take this outbreak.

State-of-the-art temperature sensor machines, automated disinfectant spray pads for shoes and lower limb areas, automated alcohol dispenser are present at every entrance into buildings.

There are temperature sensing robots that simultaneously measure your temperature, as well as "check-in" for you. Recording your time of entry. Then as you proceed to walk down escalators, there are UV disinfecting and cleaning devices installed across the rail handles. So it is constantly cleaned and disinfected as the escalator operates.

As you enter the supermarket, your temperature is taken again, and you are required to "check-in" with your phone by scanning the QR code. It marks your time of entry and exit from the area.

Alcohol dispensing stations are plenty. And there are multiple guidelines and reminders present.

Shopping trolleys are constantly being cleaned and disinfected. The security guards prevent shoppers from picking up any non disinfected trolley.

At the food hall, there are no common point spoons and forks. They are disinfected and packaged in plastic envelopes, and handed to you with every single order.

Finally as you leave, you meet the army of security guards standing outside. But instead of guns or batons, they are loaded with alcohol sprays and gels. For theirs and your safety.

The government does it part as well. They have distributed masks and alcohol gels. Maybe not completely universally, but nonetheless, once shops and suppliers were able to increase their manufacturing output, masks and alcohol gels became much cheaper and easily available.

So this is from my trip today. And yes, I forgot to mention. Everyone I saw today was wearing a mask!

Therefore, follow Thailand's example! Fight the virus and help the world recover and open quickly!

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