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Locations and 360 Scouting in Thailand

What is common between Hollywood movies like The Hangover II, The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), The Killing Fields (1984), Good Morning, Vietnam (1987), Bangkok Dangerous (2008), American Gangster (2007), The Beach (2000), etc. and Bollywood movies like Bloody Ishq (2013), Rascals (2011), Entertainment (2014), Rascals (2011), Awarapan (2007), Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai (2000), Housefull 2, Action Jackson (2014), etc.?

Yes, that’s right; these were all shot in Thailand!

Not only full length feature films but television commercials, music videos, indie films, etc. are also often shot in the land of smiles. The attraction of Thailand as a filming location is not only its pristine beaches, wildlife and bustling city life but also the costs of these unmatched locations that are so affordable when compared to similar ones in the west and Asia.

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Selecting and booking a filming location that fits a foreign filmmaker’s requirements needs a ‘local film fixer’ i.e. someone who is in perfect sync with a country, to help filmmakers with translations, logistics, crew and location scouting. A local film fixer is predominantly in-charge of location scouting as well as acquiring all the important grants needed to film in a filmmaker’s preferred location.

Whatever the size of production and budget, our local film fixers are here to assist. In the case where a production has only a tiny group of filming crew members coming to Thailand to film a documentary, local film fixers in this case may just need to assist renting a handful of lights and a possibly Canon C300. On the other hand, in the case where a production may be involved in filming a TV Commercial for a say a Japanese Agency, a local film fixer would in this case probably need to assist in booking a beach locations to film in with 60 filming crew members, and probably help in renting multiple cameras and lighting trucks. Whichever of these two scenarios your production relates to, Production Services Asia along with its local film fixers are here to ensure your location scouting and other related filming needs are taken care of from head to toe.

Our local film fixers: –

  1. Have a first-hand information of the optimum filming locations in Thailand

  2. Are well-versed in English, Thai, and a plethora of other languages

  3. Know exactly what it takes to get that perfect shot

  4. Have a wealth of experience in Film, TV Commercial and Music Video Production

  5. Have strong-bonds with local equipment and filming crew houses

  6. Arrange for all the required Visas for a production, as well as a pickup and drop from and to the airport

  7. Arrange for all necessary permissions and permits for your film

Check out our impressive library of the best filming locations Thailand has to offer on by clicking here. You can even view the slideshow of our filming locations below but to get a real sense of the enormity of our location database do visit the link mentioned in the previous line.

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