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Remote Film Production in Thailand during COVID-19

Dear all!

It is with a great sense of motivated resilience and vigilance, that we are looking ahead to restart our film production season in Thailand and South East Asia.

The latest update from the Thai government has officially eased restrictions with regards to Film Production in Thailand, whereby crews up to 50 persons can be present at any film set. Both studio shoots and on-location shoots are officially allowed now. We are looking forward to our next shoot soon!

As such, international incoming travel into Thailand is still restricted until 30th June 2020. So for this, we would like to offer our Remote Production Service and offer our expertise in production, logistics and communication technologies in making remote shooting both efficient and effective for you. Here are some details. Our "Internet Broadcast/Remote Production Service" is a way in which you can remotely co-direct and manage a shoot taking place here under our care, by having access to live video feed of the director's monitor, set camera and live video view of offline edited files at the set. Footage is relayed directly from the camera(s) at set, there is an OB team switching between feeds, and a professional grade encoder and broadcast unit which transmits the feed to a private server on the internet. Internet connectivity is obtained through 4-5 redundant connections of 4G SIMs (or a satellite uplink truck if there is not mobile internet), the speed is multiplexed between all connections and also provides with connection redundancy. We can also view the video from the director on client on the remote side (if they have one), and they can communicate with the local team instantaneously. These broadcast methods are already widely used by news crews (such as CNN, BBC) and sports crews around the world, without the need of dedicated satellite vans.

So lets start shooting soon!!!!

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