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Sourcing Filming Crew in Thailand

Ever since Production Services Asia began its operations not too long ago, it has helped many a filming crew capture amazing visuals of Thailand’s raw nature and urban lifestyle, be it underwater, on-land or from the sky.

Production Services Asia can provide the best of filming crew services for the production, creative, as well as logistic department of a film production unit.

A broad out-line of these filming crew services are as follows: –

Photography Department

  • Director of Photography

  • Assistant Director of Photography

  • Additional Operator

  • Camera Loader

  • Best Boy Grip

  • Key Grip

Casting Department

  • Local Casting Director

  • Extras Casting Director

Makeup Department

  • Hair Stylist

  • Make-up Artist

Sound Department

  • Sound man

  • Boom Operators

  • Sound Recordist

  • Cable man

Electrical Department

  • Gaffers

  • Genset Operator

  • Electrician

Set Department

  • Set Operator

  • Best Boy Grips

  • Key Grip

  • Crane operators

Art Department

  • Art Director

  • Assistant Art Director

  • Prop Master

  • Assistant Prop Master

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