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Story Ideas for Euronews | Spirit of Football.

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

This is an unlisted and private post.

Dear Ms. Rosie Thompson

Euronews, via Storyhunter

Please find here some more ideas, details and story suggestions for the Spirit of Football films.


Please note that we recently filmed and produced a similar project for Univision/TUDN for the World Cup. This was a project called "Rituals of Passion" which involved the Univision crew filming unique footballing stories around the world. Their stories featured indigenous women on the mountains of Bolivia, blind and handicapped footballers in Peru, autistic footballers in Europe, locals playing on floating rafts in the Amazon in Brazil, and so on.

In Thailand we produced a couple of films for them, while we cannot divulge the storyline as it is their content, we can suggest additional content influenced by our research and fresh filming experience.

The stories (perhaps we could do all if we had the budget).

Story #1

The Children of Fishermen, floating footballing island in the middle of the sea. Koh Panyee

This is a story about a fishermen community situated in the south of Thailand. With limited space and being at sea, the fishermen built a floating football pitch next to their community, which allowed them and their children to play football. Often destroyed be storms and rains owing to global warming, and owing to high costs and the low income of the community, it is a struggle for them to maintain their pitch, to repair damages. But the fishermen sacrifice everything, their incomes, their luxuries, so that their children have a place to play football.

Story #2

The Unusual Pitches, at the slums of Khlong Toey. Bangkok

This story features the community at the slums of Khlong Toey in Bangkok. Tightly packed residences and communities with low-income, there has been no space left to create a standard size football pitch. Instead, local businesses and communities got together to create pitches in the shapes of S, L, U or Z. These pitches zig-zag between the houses and areas available. With goalposts facing in different directions and players having to zig-zig across the field to score goals. This is a story of how communities get together to do with that they have, for the love of playing football.

Story #3

The Unusual Footballer.

This is the story of a professional academy footballer. He is a professionally signed footballer playing at academy and reserves for a large Thai Premier League club. But he is a dreamer, a football lover, and wants to do every thing possible in order to improve his skills and go to the next level. In between and apart from his training sessions with his club, this kid travels around Bangkok to play takraw, which is a sport unique to Thailand. He plays basketball takraw, which requires exquisite skill, uses every part of the body apart from the hands. He plays at alleysides, road sides, street soccer, even plays takraw at a pitch in the middle of a cemetery! Though the eyes of this "unusual" footballer, we get to see the entire footballing spectrum of Thailand, from the professional level to the street level. From the privileged to the under-privileged. He will be our guide to the world of football in Thailand.

Characters. Story 1 - A fisherman's son in Koh Panyee.

Story 2 - Children living at the slums.

Story 3 - The footballing guide. About Us

Production Services Asia is a multinational team of producers and we have offices in the US, Germany, Indonesia, and Thailand. We produce and line produce feature films, television commercials, and more, and our clients include Netflix, Disney, National Geographic, Marvel, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Air Asia, Panasonic, and more.

PS* While we can truly say we have produced a video for a similar story already, we reserve the footage to the client for which it was commissioned. Instead, please kindly allow us to attach our company's showreel for your consideration.

Story Reference Links

Location Scouting Videos for Story #3 in Bangkok

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