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Updated: Thailand No-Quarantine Entry. Welcome India and Vietnam!

Good news! The Thai government (Ministry of Tourism, Thailand) has added an additional 17 countries to the list of countries welcome to Thailand with their fully-vaccinated citizens not having to undergo quarantine in Thailand, bringing up the total number of eligible countries to 63! The additional countries include Vietnam, India, Malaysia, and many neighboring countries, as listed below.

Various protocols still do apply, including a 1-night mandatory stay at an AQ (Alternative Quarantine) site when arriving in Thailand, but this is for the purposes of awaiting results for the arrival COVID-19 PCR-RT test. You can read the full procedures and guidelines here. The list of additional countries are as follows:

  1. Croatia

  2. India

  3. Indonesia

  4. Kuwait

  5. Laos

  6. Luxembourg

  7. Maldives

  8. Mongolia

  9. Myanmar

  10. Nepal

  11. Oman

  12. Philippines

  13. Romania

  14. Slovakia

  15. Sri Lanka

  16. Taiwan

  17. Vietnam

Here is the full list of eligible countries!


For any details or inquiries, or help with entering Thailand for film production work, you are most welcome to contact us at and we will be eager to assist you with paperwork, permits, and budgeting. Welcome back to Thailand!

Production Services Asia is a multi-national, international Film Production Services Coordinator company based in Thailand, with a state-of-the-art Production Agency and Post-Production Suite, Evolved Cinema LLC in the United States, and offices in India, and Germany.

We have been performing remote shoots throughout the period of COVID-19, offering our clients remote viewing services via QTAKE, Zoom as well as having live-streamed 360-video broadcasts from the set. We have also been providing 360-Virtual Tours and Google Streets scouting prior to the shoot, where we map entire roads, buildings, shooting areas for our clients to walk through in 3D world or using VR glasses.

Please have a look at our latest showreel, and do send us a message for any kind of assistance we can provide.

For more information about filming in Thailand and obtaining permits, read our forum, or information FAQ here. Information in Chinese 电影生产服务机构, read here.

This post was written by Manik Sethisuwan, producer, line producer and fixer at Production Services Asia, Bangkok.

31st October 2021.

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